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Veterinarians who wish to provide their clients with funding opportunities from The Pet Fund will first need to have a phone conference with The Pet Fund staff.

The Pet Fund will also have to verify your veterinary license information before the application can be completed.

Please note – we request that all treating veterinarians read through the application process before requesting funding on behalf of clients so that you may become familiar with our funding guidelines. Our staff will depend largely on your professional judgment in determining eligibility for your clients, so it is critical that you have the opportunity to review our process. If your clients' application is approved, funding is limited and there may be a lengthy wait for fund availability. We appreciate your time and consideration in helping us to work with your clients.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..







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Covetrus is the global market leader in animal-health technology and services, dedicated to advancing the world of veterinary medicine and to empowering veterinary healthcare teams across the companion, equine, and large-animal health markets. 

Covetrus also has a helpful web page dedicated to client education about cancer detection, linked here:

The website also has a helpful diabetes reference guide:

The latest AVImark® and eVetPractice® updates include streamlined prescribing through an embedded integration with the Covetrus Prescription Management Platform. With access to digital scripts within these central operating systems, veterinary teams will save time, empower compliance and run more efficient and successful practices.   
Phone: (855) 724-3461


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The Wondurdog Sink Faucet Pet Shower Kit is a great addition to your clinic to help soothe animals while bathing them efficiently. The brush feature massages your patients while cleaning, helping to calm your patients while they are treated. This product can be used with one hand, allowing your staff to hold the animals while providing a positive bathing experience. 

For information about Wondurdog click here:


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Pumpkin® is a pet health company and pet insurance provider on a mission to "help make the best care possible fur all."™ Through helping families afford the best, most advanced diagnostics and treatments when their pets get hurt or sick and prioritize crucial wellness care that prevents life-threatening diseases, Pumpkin’s pet insurance plans and wellness packages are designed to help the cats and dogs we love live longer, healthier lives. 

Pumpkin is also passionate about the future of veterinary medicine and is working with animal hospitals across the US to help ensure more pets get access to advanced diagnostics, alternative therapies, and new and emerging treatments that can change and save lives. To learn more about veterinary partnerships with Pumpkin, visit

To learn more about Pumpkin's products and services, visit


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Akvelon has worked with many clients in various aspects of the life sciences and healthcare industry, including hospital management, pharmaceuticals, virtual healthcare platforms, veterinary, and more. Akvelon delivers custom mobile, desktop, and web applications, smart systems that automate administrative tasks, data management and data analytics solutions and practice management software to manage patient information, treatment planning, scheduling, etc. 

For more information on Akvelon's healthcare expertise and what they can do for your veterinary practice, visit this link:

Visit our website to learn more:

First Citizens Bank

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First Citizens Bank understands that your business banking needs will change through all phases of your veterinary career. Whether joining an existing practice or preparing to expand or renovate your practice, they have customizable solutions tailored to meet your needs. 

or additional information please contact 916-329-6305 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Veterinary Practices | First Citizens Bank information



PetPace - a wireless smart collar that non-invasively monitors your pet's health. PetPace provides early detection of diseases and real-time alerts for both dogs and cats. PetPace can help with everyday monitoring or with pets undergoing intensive veterinary care. 

For information about PetPace click here:

American Veterinary Medical Foundation

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AVMF will reimburse member veterinarians for donated medical care provided to pet owners in need. For program and enrollment information for the AVMF Veterinary Care Charitable Fund, click here:
AVMF Veterinary Care Charitable Fund:
AVMF Phone: 847-285-6691 


American Veterinary Medical Association


American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) - Improving Animal and Human Health, Advancing the Veterinary Medical Profession. The Association is the authorized voice for the profession in presenting its views to government, pet owners, the media, and the public.

FOR VETERINARIANS ONLY: the contact for information, news and research updates: Phone (800) 248-2862. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Animal Health Foundation

Animal Health Foundation

Animal Health Foundation in partnership with the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association (SCVMA) provides assistance with funding for non-elective medical and surgical procedures for Los Angeles and Orange County, CA residents. Participating veterinarians must be members of SCVMA to be eligible for funding.


Banfield Pet Hospital

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Banfield Pet Hospitals offer the Hope Fund, which helps pet owners with the cost of needed medical care for emergency treatment:



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Pet Hub gets lost pets home faster. Pet Hub is a smart tag that will allow pet owners to protect their pets and get missing pets home faster. Allows anyone with a smart phone to see your information and contact you directly without the need for a microchip scanner. For more information click here:

Innovative Veterinary Care Journal

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Innovative Veterinary Care Journal delivers up to date and compelling information available by bridging the gap between the traditional worlds of allopathic and integrative veterinary care. IVC discusses market trends in health treatments, new product features, industry news, leading integrative modalities, and nutrition education not typically taught in vet school.  IVC works with the top experts in the world delivering innovative veterinary care to veterinary practitioners globally both in print and digitally.

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