For Veterinarians

Veterinarians who wish to provide their clients with funding opportunities from The Pet Fund will first need to have a phone conference with The Pet Fund staff.

The Pet Fund will also have to verify your veterinary license information before the application can be completed.

Please note – we request that all treating veterinarians read through the application process before requesting funding on behalf of clients so that you may become familiar with our funding guidelines. Our staff will depend largely on your professional judgment in determining eligibility for your clients, so it is critical that you have the opportunity to review our process. If your clients' application is approved, funding is limited and there may be a lengthy wait for fund availability. We appreciate your time and consideration in helping us to work with your clients.

Please feel free to contact The Pet Fund with any questions at (916) 443-6007.







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CareCap - is an all online payment platform that makes it easy for veterinarians to offer flexible and affordable in-house payment plans to pet owners. With CareCap, you are able to customize payment options that make your services more accessible and budget-friendly for pet owners who need a more manageable way to pay for medical care. For every payment plan managed on CareCap, in conjunction with The Pet Fund, CareCap will make a charitable donation to The Pet Fund to be used to provide future care for pets in need.

For information about CareCap click here:

To read an interview about CareCap's benefits for your practice click here.

Scratch Pay

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Scratch Pay offers simple and affordable payment plans for your clients' large veterinary bills. Scratch Pay handles approvals, payment plans, and financing so your clients can afford the care their pets need. There are no set-up fees or hardware required for the veterinarian and Scratch pays your clinic in full up front via direct deposit. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to join our network of pet care providers. You'll be up and running within 2 business days. Scratch Pay can help your clinic to help more pets get needed medical care. Currently available in CA, UT, FL, MO, OR, AZ, WA, MT, WY, MD, TX, NM, PA, TN, MI, OK, and NC only.

For additional information call: 213-394-0161, or click on the link below:


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VetX has launched a new smartphone app designed to help pet owners with questions about pet health care, including nutrition, behavior, preventive care and other concerns. The VetX app is designed to provide your clients with guidance, peace of mind and reliable information. When the clinic is closed and clients' questions arise, our veterinarians are ready 24/7 to give responses instantly. Let the VetX veterinarians answer those questions that take up so much of your time and for which you are not compensated. If the client has a sick animal, VetX vets will encourage a visit to a veterinarian. For those looking to expand their client network or augment their income, join the VetX network of veterinarians.

For information about VetX click here:



PetPace - a wireless smart collar that non-invasively monitors your pet's health. PetPace provides early detection of diseases and real-time alerts for both dogs and cats. Perfect for everyday monitoring or pets undergoing intensive veterinary care. care.

For information about PetPace click here:


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Aratana was founded as a new kind of animal health company focused on delivering innovative therapeutic solutions for unmet and underserved medical needs of dogs and cats. Providing veterinarians with new therapies that are driven by science and specifically made for pets was the inspiration behind Aratana Therapeutics. Aratana Therapeutics currently has more than 15 therapeutic candidates in our pipeline, and over a dozen in active development. We invite you to explore the molecules that may become life-changing pet prescriptions to help treat cancer, pain, inappetence, viral diseases and allergy.

Phone: 1-844-ARATANA (272-8262)

American Veterinary Medical Foundation

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AVMF will reimburse member veterinarians for donated medical care provided to pet owners in need. For program and enrollment information for the AVMF Veterinary Care Charitable Fund, click here:
AVMF Veterinary Care Charitable Fund:
AVMF Phone: 847-285-6691 


American Veterinary Medical Association


American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) - Improving Animal and Human Health, Advancing the Veterinary Medical Profession. The Association is the authorized voice for the profession in presenting its views to government, pet owners, the media, and the public.

FOR VETERINARIANS ONLY: the contact for information, news and research updates is Ms. Lori Goszczynski, Marketing Specialist at American Veterinary Medical Association, Phone (800) 248-2862  Ext. 6655. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Animal Health Foundation

Animal Health Foundation

Animal Health Foundation in partnership with the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association (SCVMA) provides assistance with funding for non-elective medical and surgical procedures for Los Angeles and Orange County, CA residents. Participating veterinarians must be members of SCVMA to be eligible for funding.


Banfield Pet Hospital

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Banfield Pet Hospitals offer the Hope Fund, which helps pet owners with the cost of needed medical care for emergency treatment:


Rx Vitamins for Pets

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Rx Vitamins for Pets - Rx Vitamins for Pets is a nutraceutical company providing veterinarians with nutritional formulations designed to enhance patient outcomes. Since 1998, Rx Vitamins has set the standard in the development of safe, well-researched, condition-specific formulas that provide the veterinarian with a wide choice of treatment options to complement the conventional care of companion animals. Rigorous inspection and assay testing ensures the quality, integrity and potency of each raw material. All formulas are manufactured in NSF audited, FDA inspected, GMP compliant facilities. Rx Vitamins is sold exclusively to veterinary professionals.

For product catalogs or technical support materials contact Rx Vitamins at 1-800-792-2222.
Link to upcoming veterinary conference presentations:


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Pet Hub gets lost pets home faster. Pet Hub is a smart tag that will allow pet owners to protect their pets and get missing pets home faster. Allows anyone with a smart phone to see your information and contact you directly without the need for a microchip scanner. For more information click here:

Integrative Veterinary Care Journal

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Integrative Veterinary Care Journal bridges the gap between the worlds of allopathic and holistic veterinary care.  IVC discusses market trends in health treatments, new product features, industry news, leading integrative modalities, and nutrition education not typically taught in vet school. Grow your business with IVC’s comprehensive approach as we work with the top experts in the world delivering IVC to veterinary practitioners globally both in print and digitally.

Digital issues are FREE to view online by visiting: information

Soapy Tails

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Soapy Tails soaps for dogs are handcrafted in small batches so they are mild and ultra-cleansing. Most dog shampoos can contain harsh ingredients that strip natural oils and dry out the skin leaving coats dull and lifeless. Soapy Tails bars hydrate naturally while gently cleansing active coats. Soapy Tails bars are free of SLS, parabens and petroleum based synthetic ingredients. Provide your clients' pets with a clean, radiant and healthy coat, in Cedar/Grapefruit, Citrus/Mint, Lavender/Eucalyptus, Oatmeal/Sweet Orange, and Tangerine/Bay Laurel scents.

For more information on Soapy Tails:

Finding Rover

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Finding Rover is a free app that uses facial recognition for dogs to help reunite lost dogs with their owners. For more information, click here: